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The Root Cause - A Unique Way of Looking At Health And Wellbeing

Last week I finished a twelve week course which was and will continue to be life changing. Even though I embarked on the course to add another dimension to my business, I knew it would be beneficial to me personally. What I did not anticipate was how much this course would crack me open. Imagine trying to crack a walnut at Xmas, we all want it to break cleanly into two pieces, in fact it becomes a bit of a game to see who can do it. At first it takes quite a bit of strength to even crack the dam thing, then nine times out of ten it ends up in pieces with you having to separate the nut from the shell.

Having done a lot of inner work already I thought I had gone deep, but this course takes it to a whole other level. This time imagine an onion, once you start peeling away at the layers more appear until you get to the root of the problem.

For the last few years now I have known that my clients physical pain held a emotional trigger. I could feel it in their bodies whilst working with them, and knew that if their pain didn't reduce or there was no change in their physical symptoms within a few sessions then the answer lay somewhere else. That answer was to be found in what was going on emotionally for them, even if they were not aware of it and most of them weren't. The problem I had was I didn't know how to safely take them into the emotion without being worried that they would leave in a much more venerable state than when they came in.

The Root Cause Practice bridges the gap between physical therapies and talking therapies. It views pain from a completely different perspective, looking at the mind/body connection, our emotional anatomy and what the body is telling us through the metaphors we use. How many times have you ever heard yourself say I have "a pain in the neck", "the weight of the world on my shoulders", "don't have a leg to stand on", "it was the straw that broke the camels back"? We don't say these phrases for no reason, like we aren't in pain for no reason, it has something to tell us.

Through questioning, inner child work, directed compassion, connecting the dots and reframing, emotional triggers that we have had for years can be released, along with the physical pain that is there to prompt us that something needs addressing.

Do you have pain? Has is been around for along time? Maybe you have tried lots of different approaches, but can't get to the bottom of what is wrong? Want to try something new, or know that there is a deeper reason but need some support to explore what that is.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, click the link below to get in touch.

Root Cause photo credit : Tracey Stevens, founder and intrepid trailblazer of The Root Cause Practice and who is the most compassionate and caring person I have ever me, thank you for what you have developed to help heal mankind.

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