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I don’t believe that pain is something you have live with or put up with and I am passionate about finding out what your body is actually trying to tell you so that we can work together to relieve the pain you are living with. Taking a unique holistic approach, I work intuitively, looking at all aspects of your life to get to the root of the problem. 

Pain is not pleasant and can be debilitating, but it is also a signal, it’s your body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and we need to listen to it, not ignore it and hope it will quickly go away. There is also not usually a quick fix to our long term pain issues, but it is not all bad news, we can resolve these issues if we are open to treatment, make some small consistent changes and opening up ourselves to looking at pain from a different perspective. 

If this is you, keep on reading and take a look at the different services that I offer, or book a discovery call with me.









Getting to the root of the cause and making small consistent lifestyle changes is key. Unlike other traditional practitioners I am passionate about embracing a unique individual holistic approach, looking at all areas of your life, educating you in what your pain triggers are and reading your bodies subtle signals to help you  understand what the pain is actually trying to tell you.

A fusion of techniques are used, including myofascial release, fascial unwinding, trigger point therapy, clinical massage, orthopaedic assessment, soft tissue release, stretching, hot stones, cupping, oral remedies and self-treatment techniques. I have devised my own unique approach to chronic pain, which educates you in why it is happening and what you can do to help yourself.

Rock in Sand


"I have been receiving Clinical Massage Therapy from Lisa for several years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whenever I am in pain or bodily dysfunction I can rely on her healing hands. Her knowledge of the body is second to none and I always leave her treatment room feeling better than when I went in. I am a Fitness Instructor and a runner and need my body to work as well as it can do. It is wonderful to know that when things go wrong I have someone who can help. Book a treatment with Lisa and I promise you will not be disappointed"


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