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Using an innovative technique founded by Sharon Wheeler, ScarWork is a whole body treatment that not only improves the appearance of scars and nerve function, but you may also experience more mobility, resolution from any trauma related to the scar and even less pain in areas of the body that were seeing associated pain.


This specialist treatment uses light touch, it is rarely painful, even for new scars and the amount of change in one intervention can be extensive. After treatment clients often comment that their scar feels softer, they feel less pain and have more mobility. Natural and surgical scare of any age respond immediately followed by a short period of rapid healing and continued lasting improvement.

Tissue quality changes quickly and easily. Lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps and knots in the tissue rapidly smooth out into a three dimensional fascial web. ScarWork often results in large whole body integration shifts along with trauma resolution within a session.


Scars of any age and type respond immediately to treatment including:


  • open heart, abdominal, spinal and shoulder surgery

  • mastectomy and breast reconstruction

  • caesarean and hysterectomy

  • burns

  • key hole surgery, drains and metal pins

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