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You do not have to have any experience of yoga at all to do Yoga Nidra as it is not a movement practice, its yogic meditation, also known as “yogic sleep”. All you have to be able to do is lie down, follow my guiding voice and remain still and awake. A lot of people do fall asleep, especially when first starting to practice Yoga Nidra, that is OK, you will still get the benefit and if you are someone who suffers from sleep issues or insomnia it can help improve this.

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Benefits include:-

Physical – aids sleep, reduces muscular aches and pains, regulates the nervous system, facilitates healing

Emotional – reduces stress and anxiety so less reactive to stressful situation, opportunity to witness and let go of emotion, more time spent being in the present moment

Mental – calms the mind, enhances focus and attention span, increases creativity and retention of information


Here is some feedback from clients on their experience of Yoga Nidra:


"The recording was AMAZING last night. I just about managed to put my phone down afterward before I went to sleep. The next thing I knew I woke up to daylight feeling really refreshed. Usually, my brain takes ages to stop circling thoughts from the past 50 years!!! I have been trying the breathing we do in yoga to quieten my brain down in recent weeks and months but nothing has worked like your recording did last night"


"Yoga Nidra - wow! What a revelation. The first 3 times of doing it I did fall asleep but felt relaxed. I have done it everyday since and noticed a difference in my mind fog after doing it and my muscles relax to a level of pain I can manage better. I have also seen an improvement in my sleep and the restless leg twitching has reduced (as I have started to do it before bed as well as in the morning)"


If you would like to experience yoga nidra for yourself  here is a recording that I have done to help you get into rest and relaxation. I hope you enjoy it and feel the amazing benefits that it can bring. Don't forget though to experience the benefits you do have to practice it consistently.

Short Yoga Nidra
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