Lisa, Tutbury

I had previously been seen by the GP, several massage therapists, and tried acupuncture over the years. I also tried both conventional and herbal medicine neither with any positive results or change in condition. During the first treatment, I felt a change in my hands and myself. My hands
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I was extremely pleased to have found Lisa who specialises in scar tissue therapy work. I have had two caesarean sections within five years and felt I had some stuck tissue deep down in my abdomen that was causing me a few complaints. I’m a physiotherapist so I had
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Alison, Sydney

Lisa provided me with a home massage service throughout 2010-2011 and also mixed liquid crystals to assist with stress management and PMT. Both of these treatments were really successful and helped me greatly. Lisa took the time upfront at her 1st visit to ask great questions and really understand
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Maxine, Ashby

I visited my Dermatology Consultant today and she asked if someone had worked on my scars – I said yes, Lisa has. She said “Whoever it was has done a fantastic job on the scar tissue and it has healed beautifully”. I knew it was good but to get
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Estelle, Melbourne

I saw Lisa for shoulder pain which was making sleep, exercise, driving and getting dressed difficult. I felt immediate relief even after the first session with Lisa and found her to be very professional and intuitive. I have now regained full movement and the pain has diminished; I cannot
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Victoria, Sydney

Lisa I have always looked forward to my regular massage and the opportunity to take an hour to reflect and relax. The atmosphere you create and insights you share during these times make it a real experience not just a massage. I also appreciate your help with my recent
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Bob, Derby

A brilliant experience. Money well spent. Who knew that health treatment could be so affective and so enjoyable! I was impressed by Lisa’s diagnostic approach and knowledge of anatomy. Before carrying out any work she examined my knees and legs carefully, gave an opinion and proposed a solution both
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Leanne, Derby

Have to say Lisa, since you saw me over a month ago with a very sore back due to being 30+weeks pregnant. I’ve had barely any pain since. Thank you so so so much. You’ve made this pregnancy enjoyable again. Thank you again from a very grateful
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Gill, France

You are fabulous – my shoulder pain has completely gone (touch wood), not even a twinge for 6 months since I came to see you whilst I was staying at Katy’s. HUGE HUGE THANK YOUS
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Joanna, Barton

I have been going to a chiropractor off and on for around 5 years with shoulder and wrist pain and was using painkillers to sleep through the night. After 5 sessions with Lisa my symptoms have completely cleared and I am no longer using pain relief to sleep. Lisa explains
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