Joanna, Barton

I have been going to a chiropractor off and on for around 5 years with shoulder and wrist pain and was using painkillers to sleep through the night. After 5 sessions with Lisa my symptoms have completely cleared and I am no longer using pain relief to sleep. Lisa explains
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Scott, Nottingham

I suffered with a numbness in my left arm for well over a year, it would develop when I lay down at night and was so bad at times I couldn’t sleep. I was recommended to go and see Lisa by a friend. I had never had a massage
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Elaine, Burton on Trent

First treatment on a muscle in my hip that I strained running and I feel so much better today having, endured a week and a day of varying levels of discomfort. Now I can walk upstairs without wincing and travelling at a snail’s pace too! Lisa gave me clear explanations
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Jo, Repton

I have been receiving Clinical Massage Therapy from Lisa for several years now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whenever I am in pain or bodily dysfunction I can rely on her healing hands. Her knowledge of the body is second to none and I always leave her
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Sarah, Mickleover

I initially booked in after experiencing a severe back spasm as a result of cycling. I had tried standard massage at local beauty salons which didn’t have much effect, so thought I’d try Lisa after a recommendation was made. The effects were almost immediate but became even more improved
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Josie, Derby

I was suffering with sciatica on and off since slipping a disc in my back about 10 years ago. A few days after my first treatment my problem was completely resolved after one treatment, although I did not know at that stage how effective it would be. I have
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Tracey, Mickleover

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 25 years. Each time I visit Lisa, regardless of which massage medium she offers me I feel relaxed and this in turn impacts the pain and discomfort I feel with the Fibromyalgia. I would say that Lisa’s treatments have benefitted me greatly, not
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Leanne, Derby

Have to say Lisa, since you saw me over a month ago with a very sore back due to being 30+weeks pregnant. I’ve had barely any pain since. Thank you so so so much. You’ve made this pregnancy enjoyable again. Thank you again from a very grateful
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Gill, France

You are fabulous – my shoulder pain has completely gone (touch wood), not even a twinge for 6 months since I came to see you whilst I was staying at Katy’s. HUGE HUGE THANK
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