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I was extremely pleased to have found Lisa who specialises in scar tissue therapy work. I have had two caesarean sections within five years and felt I had some stuck tissue deep down in my abdomen that was causing me a few complaints. I’m a physiotherapist so I had done six months of scar tissue massage work already to myself but needed that extra expert knowledge and skill to really get my symptoms sorted.
My first assessment was very thorough and after a detailed history was taken and a check of my posture and walking posture treatment began. Within two sessions my scar felt freer and the catching pain sensations I had been experienced vanished and I’m pleased to report I have not had any since.
Lisa has magic fingers! Her touch is extremely gentle but her techniques really work into the area needed without pain as the pressure is spot on.
I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone with scar tissue queries or concerns. She is extremely professional and a pleasure to have treatment with. Her treatment room is very spacious and private and has a wonderful feel to it – you almost relax completely just stepping into it. Thank you for helping me heal my scar.
Lisa Satchwell

Lisa Satchwell

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