Lisa Satchwell Stress

Stress can come in many forms and have a massive impact on our bodies. From physical stress to emotional and mental it is important to be aware of how daily life could be affecting the way we feel so we can put it right. There are two main type of stress we put our bodies under:



Have you ever thought how long you spend sitting down – at work, travelling, watching television, socialising? Our bodies were built to be active and move in a variety of ways. However, due to modern living many people are spending increasing proportions of time sitting down and inactive. This lack of movement means hip mobility is affected, spinal discs can get compressed losing mobility and our glutes (bum muscles) can become weak affecting stability.

Technology also plays a part, such as bad posture while using laptops in front of the TV or excessive mobile phone usage leading to pain in our fingers and wrists as well as pain in our neck from keeping our head in a forward posture.



The fight or flight reaction in our bodies, “Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)”, is designed to protect us and gets the body ready to respond to a threat or danger. However, when we put our bodies under too much stress, by taking on too much, the hormones that are released when the SNS kicks in don’t dispel in the body like they should. This can lead to issues such as our muscles being put under constant tension making them prone to injury, shutting off the digestive system leading to symptoms such as IBS or even slowing down the immune system.

Lisa Satchwell Energetics looks at the causes of stress in your life and how it can be affecting your body. With simple solutions like how to add exercise into your daily routine to boost mobility or treatments such as clinical massage which can help to relieve signs of stress such as anxiety, high blood pressure, tension headaches, depression or even help you get a better night’s sleep.



Signs of stress could include:
• Sleep issues – either getting to or staying asleep
• Reduced levels of clarity / brain fog
• Inability to switch off and relax
• Weight loss or gain
• Reduced memory
• Constant feeling of anxiety
• Digestive issues
• Continually tired
• Mood swings or becoming teary and irrational


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