Lisa Satchwell Scar Work

Using the new innovative technique founded by Sharon Wheeler, ScarWork is a whole body treatment that not only improves the appearance of scars and nerve function but also helps heal any aches and pains you may have and not even considered were related to the scar.

Focusing on casual light touch, it is a non-invasive treatment with permanent results. Tissue quality changes quickly and easily with lumps, gaps, ridges, knots and bumps smoothing rapidly out into your skins natural fascial web.

You may also feel more mobility, resolution from any trauma related to the scar and even less pain in areas of the body that were seeing associated pain.

“I had appendicitis earlier this year. I was having treatment from Lisa for another condition and therefore kept my routine appointment 2 weeks post surgery. I was still in considerable pain, relying on pain relief and struggling to stand up straight as my stomach felt like it had been stitched together. I saw Lisa and she asked if she could work on the scar tissue. I didn’t even realise I had any! After an hour of relaxing, painless treatment I was like a new person. I was able to stand up straight with no problem and the hard lumps I had around the wound sites were gone or much reduced. I really noticed the benefits the next day when I stopped taking pain relief and was able to return to work 4 days after the treatment. I can’t recommend this treatment enough. Miracles do happen”.

Scars of any age and type respond immediately to treatment, including:

• Knee and hip replacement
• Skin grafts
• Caesarean section
• Hysterectomy
• Surgery, including spinal, abdominal and breast
• Tube/ drain sites
• Burns
• Rodent ulcers

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