Lisa Satchwell Pain Relief

Many people suffer with aches and pains as they don’t know where to turn or feel they are just part of life. At Lisa Satchwell Energetics we want you to know that pain doesn’t have to be something you just put up with. Taking a holistic approach, we look at every aspect of your life to get to the root of the problem. Statistics show a staggering 45% of the UK population suffer from some kind of musculoskeletal pain with 14 million people living with chronic pain on a daily basis.

Not anymore! At Lisa Satchwell Energetics we look at everything from back, neck and shoulder issues, to sciatica, headaches or jaw pain to make sure you are getting back to a pain free, healthier and happier life as quickly as possible. To understand how to make the pain better you first need to understand the cause whether it’s from an injury or a long-term chronic issue.



Acute pain begins suddenly and is usually related to a fall or injury such as broken bones, cuts, burns, dental work, being involved in an accident or a sports injury. Although short-term it may last weeks or even months, but usually disappears when the underlying cause of pain has healed or been treated.

Using massage and techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release Lisa Satchwell Energetics treats the soft tissue while also focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia to encourage more blood and oxygen to the area helping it to repair. Both therapeutic and corrective, treatment will help to repair the damage while easing the symptoms of pain allowing you to get on with your daily life.



Chronic pain can be excruciating, unrelenting and difficult to treat. For many it is something they have suffered with for many years with no relief as the pain continues long past the usual healing process. Unlike acute pain there isn’t an obvious reason for the discomfort and it can be aggravated by lifestyle choices such as our career, work/life balance, medication, previous illnesses, nutrition, exercise and stress levels.

Getting to the root of the cause and finding lifestyle changes which can manage the symptoms is key. Unlike other traditional practitioners Lisa Satchwell Energetics is passionate about embracing a holistic approach. Looking at trigger points for the pain and reading our bodies subtle signals Lisa helps you to put in place realistic lifestyle changes which will help.

Combined with clinical massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release to repair the damage it is a fully rounded approach which will finally see you waving goodbye to that chronic pain putting your life on hold.


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