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The Foy Effect – Emotional Resilience

The word for my business this year is collaboration. Finding my tribe of people to work with, who enhance my business and can support my clients in a way I can’t and vice versa. I am good, don’t get me wrong, but I am not everything, I know what my strengths are and also the areas that I don’t specialise in, such as nutrition, complementary medicine, gut health and emotional support/resilience.

In light of the tragic death of Caroline Flack a few days ago I feel the best place to start is with emotional support. This is also the most personal to me having had support over the last few years from a couple of amazing people, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today. Don’t get me wrong, I would be here as I am lucky in that I believe I have quite a strong inbuilt resilience, but I have my own demons and difficulties, become low, overwhelmed and not able to see the wood for the trees, which can send me slightly crazy.

I have a small close family and some fabulous friends, but in these times I feel we need help from someone outside of those circles, who doesn’t know our history and will hold space for us to find our own answers as opposed to sympathise with us.

Who do we chose?

For me it was important to find that right person, someone who gets me, whom I can build trust pretty quickly (trust for me is a key issue) and know I can say whatever, even if it is deep, dark and nasty and not be judged. One such person I have had the pleasure of working with is the amazing Amanda Foy, aka the Emotional Strength Trainer (EST).

I was introduced to Amanda by a friend, started following her on Facebook and resonated with her immediately. She spoke my language, swore sometimes – a straight shooter with loads of love and compassion. Not a unicorn or fairy insight. I listened to what she had to say on Facebook for a while, progressed to booking a group “demanking” session, signed up to her weekly Evolved healing sent via a sound recording that clears all your crap from the week before (who doesn’t want that) and the piece de resistance spent a week with her in Fiji in October last year on a retreat with 7 other fabulous women. Having said that her personal demanking sessions that I received last Xmas nearly blew me away and cleared out yet another level of mank!

So what is EST?

I think Amanda says it best so I have pinched this (with approval) from her website :-

“Emotional Strength Training is the unique process developed by Amanda Foy since the beginning of 2009 which is the umbrella of the energy healing therapy known as Demanking®. A combination of counselling, neurology concepts and energy healing that uniquely joins the dots to the areas of your life that aren’t really firing on all cylinders. The process is the foundation of your Emotional Immune System.
Emotional Strength Training is the discipline you adopt into your life to help your immune system support you through anything that life throws at you. Anything from feeling like life is a giant pain in the rear-end blocking you from upleveling away from constant stumbling blocks, that nagging headache that won’t go away to relationship trauma, ill health and chronic illness”.

Where possible, this is all supported by the scientific evidence of neurology, genetics, epigenetics, gut health and quantum physics. Told you, no unicorns or fairies!

Working with Amanda?

Amanda lives and works in Australia, however, that doesn’t stop you from reaping the benefits of working with her if you don’t live nearby. I used to live in Australia, but wasn’t introduced to her or started working with her until I returned to the UK and I have received massive benefit. You can work in my different ways to suit you and your budget. She offers readings, coaching, programs and events.

I work with people with chronic pain, but know that pain doesn’t start in the physical body and is a symptom of something wrong way before it hits us physically. Our experiences are held at a cellular level, consciously or subconsciously and can lead to physical problems and illnesses. Dealing with our emotional baggage can help prevent physical issues and this is where Amanda comes into her own. She also believes that “emotional health is the pre-cursor to mental health issues, as per the foundation of my work, also, in my experience, the reason why we have other physical health issues”.

Amanda has not just helped me, but also clients that I work with. I was working with a client who presented with long term chronic hip, groin and lower back pain. The sessions were going well, her pain was reducing, she was gaining more mobility, but we both knew that there was an emotional element to the pain which was held in the body. I referred her to Amanda and after one session she presented back to me with no pain in the region it was held, in fact the tissue had completely changed, it was soft and so easy to palpate. Her demeanour also changed and she was much lighter and brighter.

What next?

Life is going to throw shit at us, it’s how we learn, grow, evolve and build resilience. How we handle those challenges though depends on how well we do in life, whether we scrape through and survive, or we thrive. For me there is no option, I want to thrive and I know that means I am going to go through the mill, which may be painful and sticky at times, but I know I have help to hand and am building skills and resilience to handle these challenges differently, so that they are less painful and sorted much quicker – sometimes dealt with in minutes as opposed to dragging myself through the mud for days/weeks on end, which is no fun!

If anything above resonates or has sparked a little flame somewhere deep inside then I highly recommend you check out Amanda’s website and/or follow her on Facebook She is friendly, approachable and would be so happy for you to get in touch if you have any questions or need any help.

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