Charity Yoga Workshop

If you wanted to attend my recent workshop, but were unable to make it you can, for a small donation get a recording!!

More than ever at the moment we need to stop, rest and take a break from life. Give ourselves some self care and this retreat will give you the opportunity to take some well deserved time out to feel rested, grounded and centred, bringing back a sense of balance in body, mind and spirit.

Immerse yourself in the wonderfully restorative world of yin yoga and meditative yoga nidra and help raise much needed funds for the Burton YMCA.

This mini retreat in the comfort of your own home, which allows you the space to let go of the daily demands of life, quieten busy minds and relieve chronic tension.

Yin Yoga is a nourishing practice where we slow down and hold supported yoga poses for longer periods of time. This offers you the opportunity to soften and release deeply held tension in areas such as hamstrings, glutes, hips, spine and shoulders. It is highly effective for people suffering with tight muscles, stress and/or anxiety.

Yoga nidra is also known as yogic sleep or yogic meditation. No experience of yoga is required, it is open to everyone and all you have to do is lie down, rest, follow my guiding voice and hopefully not fall asleep, but if you do that is OK.

Benefits can include:-

  • Physical – aids sleep, reduces muscles aches and pains, regulates the nervous system, facilitates healing

  • Emotional – being in the present moment, witnessing and letting go of emotions, less reactive to distressing situations, decreasing stress and anxiety

  • Mental – calms the mind, enhances focus and attention span, increases creativity and retention of information

Open to everyone regardless of your ability or yoga experience.

If purchasing the recording your health and welfare is your responsibility and if you are unsure about whether this is suitable for you please consult your GP. Even though this is a very slow practice injuries can still occur if you do not listen to the instructions, move too quickly, or push your body beyond its natural limits.

Just click on the link to access the recording.

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