Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with government guidelines I have put extra measures in place to ensure the safety of you and me.

  1. A thorough risk assessment has been undertaken
  2. PPE will be worn
  3. Pre-treatment forms before each treatment
  4. Online/telephone consultations
  5. Online/telephone aftercare
  6. High hygiene standards have been elevated
  7. Extra time is allocated between treatments

Consultations and Appointments

Appointments will be divided into two session.

  1. The initial or follow up consultation will be done online or by telephone up to 48 hours prior to the physical appointment. This will include Covid-19 screening, plus the usual medical history taken or follow up discussion as to your needs from the treatment.
  1. Your physical session will be 45 minutes; in line with industry guidelines to reduce to amount of time spent in close proximity and reduced time talking when together in person.

Both parts will be classed as one session and combined make up the full session time.

Your Physical Appointment

  1. You will be contacted before you arrive for your appointment to check that you are well and have no symptoms of Covid 19.
  2. Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment. On arrival please wait outside and I will let you in.
  3. Please shower before arrival and wear clean clothes. Please do not go shopping etc on the way to the appointment and bring as little as possible with you.
  4. Your temperature will be taken on arrival and if above 37.8 degrees treatment will need to be rescheduled.
  5. On entry we will go straight through to the treatment room, where you will be asked to wash your hands.
  6. You will be asked to sign your Covid-19 assessment/Consultation form, please bring your own pen.
  7. Leaflets and flyers are not displayed but will be available upon request.
  8. Water cannot be provided so please bring water with you.
  9. PPE will be worn by the therapist on greeting and during treatment – a visor and mask (mandatory), gloves if this does not inhibit the treatment in anyway and an apron.
  10. As of 8 August it is also mandatory that you wear a mask at all times. Please bring your own mask with you, but in the event that you forget one will be provided.
  11. A plastic washable box will be provided to keep your clothes and valuables safe during treatment, which will be cleaned after every use.
  12. The toilet will be open. Soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels are available in the toilets and treatment room.
  13. Hands to be washed prior to and post going to the toilet.
  14. You will be contacted 7 days following your visit to check that you are well and have no symptoms of Covid-19
  15. For your reassurance, the number of people seen in a day has been reduced and extra time taken in between each person to allow for thorough cleaning and ventilation allowing fresh circulation of air through the room.
  16. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or failure to arrive for your appointment will still be charged in full.

Privacy /GDPR

The data collected on pre-screening forms will be used for the sole purpose of clinical massage and will not be disclosed to any external sources, excluding NHS Test and Trace. This form will be kept for at least 21 days.